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SINCE 1998

CASHIDO was established in 1998 focusing on computer accessories and the Ozone series of sterilization products with which we secured a secure customer base. With our excellent management team and a firm belief in "Good Faith, Services & Innovations," we are in constant pursue of improvements in corporate management and growth. Apart from a stable business operation, our profitability is also steadily increasing. We treasure each and every one of our employees and provide them with a comfortable working environment with opportunities for further study and self-improvement. We welcome those of you who strive for success to join the CASHIDO team and grow with us.

2016CASHIDO acquired the ISO-13485 certification.
20152015 GCCA Cleantech Top 10 Best in Class Award

Cabozi Micro Bubble Washing System received the Ministry of Economics TAITRA 2015 Taiwan Excellence Award.
2014The Global Cleantech Later Stage Award, Global Top 30

Water Supply Module for Hydrotherapy Device received the 2014 Taipei International Invention Show & Technomart Gold Medal.
2013The Green Lifestyle Excellence Cluster won the 3rd Green Classics Award.
2012We founded “Green Lifestyle Excellence Cluster” under the help of China Productivity Center. This cluster combines various sources from the companies, organizations, associations related to green lifestyle. We are eager to integrate all the resources to inspire new creativity and develop better and greener products for the customers.
2011Awarded the Department of Foreign Trade Branding Taiwan “Brand Management System” grant for the third year.
Participated in the “Green Productivity for Sustainable Energy and Environment” international conference in India.
2010Awarded 2010 Ministry of Economics Creative Marketing grant.
Awarded 2010 Taipei International Invention Award bronze medal.
Guest speaker at the Fifth Annual Green Resource Technology Conference.
Joined the Taiwan Excellent Brand Association.
2009Ozone AntiBacterial Sanitizer (Xseries) obtains 2009 Taiwan Excellence Award.
2008Obtained Branding Taiwan management project from Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Bureau of Foriegn Affairs.
2007Group from Thai Ministry of Industry visits CASHIDO.
2006Won the 13th Annual Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award for the Cashido Queen Bath.
CASHIDO was selected by the Chinese Business Incubation Association to be favored for investment.
Became a charter member of the Green Energy Technology Association.
2005Won the 12th Annual Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award for the Cashido Ozone AntiBacterial Sanitizer.
2004"Ozone vs. Health, Challenge the way you use Water." Launch of Ozone Sterilization Cleaner. Completed co-research with the ZhongShan Science & Research Center and the Department of Defense on the development of "NanoSilver PhotoCatalyst" and the transfer of production methodologies. Became a founder of the Taiwan PhotoCatalyst Promotions Associations. Joined the National Labor Department in the "PhotoCatalyst Corporate Research and Development Alliance." CASHIDO was honored to have been recommended as a leader in the industry and was awarded the highest corporate subsidy by the Department of Labor. The TouFen Facility entered mass production for R.C. Part 0201 (Inch). The application for the funds required for the development & research in "Digital Home - Smart Lighting System" was granted. We have an excellent anagement team and a substantial customer base.
2003We partnered with National Changhua Univeristy for a joint venture with its Recreation & Research Center in the "Digital Home - Smart Lighting System" project and passed the SBIR Special Project assisted & approved by the Chamber of Commerce in Taiwan.
Signed a contract with the ZhongShan Science & Research Centre and the Department of Defense on the development of Nano Silver PhotoCatalyst Particle & Sol-Gel Technologies, and in the same year completed the transfer of such technology.
Created the "CASHIDO 康舒得" brand and began research on this scientifically based series of health products.
2002Development and formation of our very own R&D department, and an extension of new Lead-Free mass production facilities in HuKou and TouFen for R.C. Part 0402.
2001Our TouFen Facility entered mass production for Part 0402 (English Standard).
2000On joining RITEK Corporation, we became a manufacturer of Electronics products in the RITEK Group, and were selected by the DELL Review.
1999CASHIDO acquired the ISO-9001 certification.
CASHIDO was established in TouFen of MiaoLi County, Taiwan.
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