Production Capability

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Production Capability

Cashido has the capability of doing SMT (Surface Mount Technology) OEM and SIP Module. In addition to the production of SMT OEM, Cashido also has the SIP Module production capacity.


    • Lead Free Production:
    • In order to comply with the laws in Japan, Europe and various other countries, lead free production was launched in 2002, such as solder paste, IC component, R.C. Chip.
    • SMT of Ball Grid Array Components:
    • SMT and maintenance technologies of BGA and QFN products
Production Capability
    • SMT of 0201 Components:
    • Mass production of 0204 type components is launched in 2001, while the smallest 0201 components in SMT production was launched in 2004, leading the industry in SMT production and research.
Production Capability
    • High-speed Machine Placement Capability:
    • 0.06s/Chip(0201) 60,000 cph

      QFP / pitch 0.4mm

      Micro BGA

      Connector / pitch 0.4mm
Production Capability
SMT Banner

SIP Module

SIP Module


Cashido has six fully-automated SMT production lines, pure water rinsing equipment, AOI automated inspection equipment, X-Ray, MES manufacturing executive system, automatic SPI 3D silicone paste testing equipment and other necessary SMT equipment.  This professional SMT equipment will fulfill our customer’s production needs.

ΩMES Manufacturing Executive System

The moment the order is received, the products are put into production.  To prevent using the wrong materials, all information on production line products is instantly collected and saved into a report.

MES Manufacturing Executive System

  1. Corporate Module  
  2. Equipment Module        
  3. Material Module            
  4. Area Module       
  5. Quality Control Module
  6. Operation Station Module
  7. Process Module             
  8. Product Module

SMT-Messeries Applications


1.In Production Management                     

2.Quality Management                    

3.Equipment Management    

4.Prevention Management

5.Inventory Management                

6.Shipping Management

—♣    Fully Automated Silicon Paste Printer

      Maximum PCB Dim.:650*550mm

      PCB SIZE :Max 460mm*460mm ~Min 80mm* 50 mm

      Printing Accuracy:± 12.5 μm / 6σ


— ♣  SPI 3D Silicon Paste Testing Equipment

PCB SIZE : 50mm * 50mm(Min)~510mm*460mm(Max)

PCB Thickness : 0.4mm~7.0mm


—  ♣ SMT Fully Automated High Speed Printer

Mount speed:0.066 s/Chip(0201)

Position accuracy:50um/3σ with Vision inspecting

SMT-action machineSMT-action machine

— ♣ Reflow Oven

8-zone independent air circulation

PCB SIZE:50mm ~ 457mm

Temperature control  range :80 ~ 350 ℃

SMT-8-zone independent air circulation

—  ♣ Water Washing Equipment

SMT components and PCB surfaces are washed, both sides of the board are cleaned.

 SMT-wash machineSMT-wash machine-wash machine

—  ♣ AOI Automated Visual Inspection

   Automated inspection of SMT components, confirming the components have been melded to the board.


—  ♣ X-Ray Visual Inspection

  Non-destructive X-Rays are used in inspection to confirm the IC, QFN and BGA are welded properly.

SMT-X-ray machineSMT-X-ray machine PCB

—   ♣ Router Cutter

   PCB SIZE MAX:285mm*340mm

    X – Y cutting speed:0~100mm/s

    Cutting accuracy: ± 0.1

    Turning speed:Max 40000rpm

SMT-ESD machineSMT-ESD machine

—  ♣ ESD Anti-Static Protection

SMT-ESD machine tool-


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