Micro Bubble Walk-In Bathtub System

Micro Bubble tub

Micro Bubble Walk-In Bathtub System - . microbubble system for walk in tub

microbubble system for walk in tub

Enjoy the bath with gentle waves of water.

Micro bubbles are just like millions of fingers doing massage on your skin, brining you smoother skin.


Micro Bubble Bathtub System Functions
  • Kill Bacteria:
  • Ozone is dispersed throughout your bathtub with Micro Bubbles, allowing you to kill bacteria on the tub and on the body.
  • Anion Generation:
  • Anions are frequently found near waterfalls. The Cabozi Micro Bubble system can replicate this effect in your home bathroom!
  • Electricity Overload Protection:
  • The overload protection can ensure the system working all the year.
  • Residual Water Removal:
  • Nobody enjoys bathing in dirty bathwater, especially residual water that has been sitting in the pumps and hoses! Cashido's Cabozi Micro Bubble bathtub system will remove the residual water and clean the system each time you bathe.


  • Model: 16X / 26X
  • Dimensions: 70(L) x 25(W) x 50(H) cm
  • Weight: 35kg MAX
  • Water Inlet Size: PT1"
  • Warranty: One Year
  • Product Liability Insurance: US$500,000

UP  Series Functions

  • Residual Water Removal and Hose Cleaning:
  • The Cabozi Micro Bubble system removes residual water and cleans your system each time you bathe.
  • Electronic Overload Protection:
  • Safety is first, and the pump will automatically shut off in case of electronic overload.
  • Easy Installation:
  • The Cabozi Micro Bubble system installs on your whirlpool the same way you install a typical whirlpool pump.
Micro Bubble Walk-In Bathtub System Applications


Cabozi Micro Bubble system produces the bubbles of 0.2 microns, which is even 200 to 1,000 times smaller than other competitors.

The size of our skin pores is around 30 to 50 microns so that micro bubbles can dive deep into the skin pores to remove toxins, give the skin glow, and make it smooth.

Advantages of Anions-

Cabozi Micro Bubble system-for Elders

Love yourself and your parents!

Taking a bath is supposed to be simply easy, but it turns out to be quite challenging to some elders. Their inactive bodies make it hard to clean themselves throughly, and cause “special” smells.

The fatty acid deep in the elder’s skin pores and the bacteria on the skin surface produce “nonenal” which is the origin of body odor. It’s so called “Aging smell” in Japan, aka “Elder’s odor” in Taiwan.

Cabozi Micro Bubble system can deep clean the skin pores, and the ozone can remove the odors. Taking a bath is no longer a torture but a pleasure.



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