Micro Bubble Pets Spa

Micro Bubble Pets Spa - . micro bubble milk bath for dog cat pet

micro bubble milk bath for dog cat pet

Care For Lovely Pets
Micro Bubble Pets Spa- specially designed for pet grooming shops
As a professional pet groomer, you must be eager to offer pets a comfortable and attentive care.
It’s easy for you to clean the pets, remove the odors, and prevent the growth of fleas and bugs.

  • Remove Pesticides: Ozone can destroy the chemical breakdown of pesticides to remove pesticides from the fruits and vegetables you eat.
  • Kill Bacteria: Ozone successfully kills bacteria on food and surfaces. Disinfect and sanitize your food, home, restaurant and business.
  • Remove Odors: Ozone breaks down and destroys odors.


    • Remove pet odors
    • Reduce the spread of fleas
    • Eliminate bacteria on your pets' skin
    • Will not affect pets' fur color

Product Name                                    Micro Bubble Pets Spa            
Dimension(with shower)250x150xmm
Power1φ110V/220V-60Hz  2A/3A 
Operating Current0.55KW
Water Capacity40L
Micro Bubble Flow(SMB Mode)15 L/min±5 
Amount of the spout(SPA Mode)25 L/min±5 
Size of the inlet and outlet1/2”NPT
Water Supply Pipe Size1/2”NPT
Cleaning Tank Drain Size1”NPT
Overflow Drain Size3/4”NPT


Cleaning dogs, cats and other small pets, if large dogs need to be cleaned, can be customized to create a clean tank.

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CASHIDO Micro Bubble Pets Spa Service Introduction

CASHIDO CORPORATION is Taiwan Micro Bubble Pets Spa supplier and manufacturer with more than 18 years experence. Since 1998, in the O3 Pure Ozone Faucet Water System, Cabozi Micro Bubble System, CASHIDO has been offering our customers high quality Micro Bubble Pets Spa production service. With both advanced technology and 18 years experience, CASHIDO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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