Micro Bubble Deer Antler Washing System

Keeping You Healthy, Making You Wealthy

Micro Bubble Deer Antler Washing System

Increased cleaning ability with Micro Bubbles.
Micro Bubbles removed a large portion of oil and dirt from the pores of deer antlers.

  • Micro Bubbles removed a large portion of oil and dirt from the pores of deer antlers.
  • Micro Bubbles lift oil and dirt part particles to the surface of the water, through a process called flocculation, where they are removed through a filtration system.


  • Clean dirt and oil from the pores of deer antlers:

Micro Bubbles a size of 0.2 microns will deep clean the villus of deer antlers and remove dirt and oil.

  • Ozone (optional):
    1. Kill bacteria
    2. Remove odors
    3. Keep food fresh
  • HMI Touch Screen:

Control the system with only one finger-on/off switch, adjust strength of the water jets, change spray direction and set the soaking time. Adjustable system based on the type of food you are washing.

  • Water Temperature Control:

Keeps the water at a fixed temperature.

  • Auto-mixing:

Automatically stir the deer antler while washing. Allows for deeper clean of the deer antler while reducing labor cost. Adjustable stirring direction and mixing time.

  • Three washing models:
    1. Micro Bubble Wash
    2. Tap Water Wash with Auto Mixing
    3. Micro Bubble Wash with Auto Mixin

  • Time setting: easy to set fime for three washing models.


  • Specialized Cleaning Tool
  • Water Flow Control
  • 1-1/2" drain to speed up the draining
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Product Name Micro Bubble Deer Antler Washing SystemStainless steel wheels and quakeproof pedestals are used.
Power1 Ø220V (G) 50/60Hz 10A
Operating Current3.5KW
Water Capacity174L
Main structure

1.5 mm S304 iron

Micro Bubble Flow50 L/min±5 
Amount of the spout120 L/min±5 
Size of the inlet and outlet1-1/2”NPT


The system is tested by ITRI and Taiwan Amity Technology Co., Ltd., there are over 66% of micro bubbles smaller than 0.2μm and over 94% of them smaller than 0.3μm. Patented in Taiwan, the USA, China, etc.

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