Mermaido Pet Shower

Water ozonator

Mermaido Pet Shower - . o3 shower for dog cat pet

o3 shower for dog cat pet

Do your pets have sensitive skin?
Looking for a safe and convenient solution to wash pets?
With the Mermaido Pet Shower you can easily wash your pets to remove odors and prevent the spread of fleas.
Installs easily on your home or spa shower for quick cleaning!

Ozone Action Principle

  • Kill Bacteria:Ozone successfully kills bacteria on surfaces by penetrating the membrane and destroying the bacteria’s structure.
  • Remove Odors: Ozone breaks down and destroys odors.


    • Remove pet odors

    • Reduce the spread of fleas

    • Eliminate bacteria on your pets' skin

    • Will not affect pets' fur color

ozone shower functions


  • No filters to replace.
  • Concealable in a cabinet to keep your kitchen clutter-free.
  • Small and easy to carry.
  • Meets international power specifications (100V~250V).
  • Always on design provides instant ozone whenever needed.
  • Low power usage (4.5 max).
  • Water and electricity are kept separate.
  • Patented to ensure steady flow of ozone and smooth ozone-water mixture.


  • Veterinaries
  • Pet Salons

Mermaido-Pet Shower

When dogs continuously lick and bite its feet, it may because their feet are infected by bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeasts ... etc. What’s worse, warm and wet environment makes bacteria/viruses breed easily. If not solved in time, they may have soreness, swelling, inflammation, infection.

CASHIDO’s 10 Second Machine is an anti-bacterial sanitizer, helping to kill bacteria and remove odors.


Mermaido Ozone Generator Shower System

Bring the powers of ozone to your shower.

  1. Kill bacteria - Dandruff, athlete's foot and acne are caused by a bacteria buildup. A simple rinse in the Mermaido shower will help kill bacteria in any place water can reach.
  2. Remove odors - Just finished jogging? Changing a baby's diaper? Washing the dog? Rinse down with ozone to remove unwanted odors. After taking a shower, use the Mermaido to wash down the bathroom!
  3. Fight mildew - Rinse down your tiles, toilet and shower stall to combat mildew and fungal buildups. Stop using so many chemical cleaners and start saving money!
  4. Wash pets - Did Fido just run through the mud? Did Fluffy dig through the trash again? Wash down your pets with ozone water to remove odors, eliminate bacteria buildup on paws and leave their fur fluffy and shiny.

Mermaido Ozone Generator Shower System Installation Illustrations

Mermaido Ozone Generator Shower System Installatio


Mermaido Ozone Generator Shower System Accessories


  • Awards:
  • 2008 Taipei International Invention Show Gold, Silver and Bronze Medal
    12th Annual Ministry of Economics Innovation Award
  • Certifications:
  • Made and Developed in Taiwan
    CE Certified
    RoHS Certified
    ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • Test Reports:
  • Chemlab Malaysia - Ozone bacteria-killing ability
    Bodycote Canada - Ozone bacteria-killing ability
    Food Industry Research and Development Institute
    Yang Ming University - Ozone bacteria-killing ability
Mermaido Ozone Shower Certifications



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CASHIDO Mermaido Pet Shower Service Introduction

CASHIDO CORPORATION is Taiwan Mermaido Pet Shower supplier and manufacturer with more than 18 years experence. Since 1998, in the O3 Pure Ozone Faucet Water System, Cabozi Micro Bubble System, CASHIDO has been offering our customers high quality Mermaido Pet Shower production service. With both advanced technology and 18 years experience, CASHIDO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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