Industrial micro bubble Syetem (ECO-SIP)

Keeping You Healthy, Making You Wealthy

Industrial micro bubble Syetem (ECO-SIP)

Eco-SIP(System in Package)integrates the five core skills of Cashido Corporation - ozone technology, Micro Bubbles, green power, Enviro-Control, and Internet of Things(IoT).


With this, Micro Bubbles can be widely adapted to different industries by integrating Micro Bubbles with various gases.

  • Air + Water: (1) decreasing COD and SS for waste water processing (2) generating anions for bathing system (3) increasing oxygen levels in the water for hydroponics and fishery
  • Ozone + Water: (1) rinsing food to kill bacteria and remove pesticides (2) cleaning panels and wafers of semi-conductors
  • CO2 + Water: (1) seaweed raising (2) Nano CaCO3 coating (3) carbon capture and storage applications. 
  • H2 + Water: Creates negative ORP (Oxidation-Reduction Potential), negative hydrogen water.

Developed by Cashido, the Eco-SIP is a total solution which has been successfully applied to the following industries: hotels and homes, agriculture, fishery, livestock, food processing, industrial equipment cleaning, waste water processing, solar powered water filtration.  


How it Works

  1. System is turned on via HMI
  2. Micro Bubbles are generated at 200 L/minute
  3. Ozone is added
  4. Bubble Filter removes large bubbles
  5. Note: Small bubbles often join together to form big bubbles. Since large bubbles do not clean as well as small bubbles, Cashido uses a patented Bubble Filter to remove large bubbles and leave you with the optimum quantity of Micro Bubbles.
  6. Micro Bubbles at a size of 0.2 microns are pumped into the tank

Industrial Micro Bubble Module:

Micro Bubble Production (L/min)


Ozone (O3)

Oxygen (O2)

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Other Gas





































Industrial Micro bubble Module


ECO-SIP Market Application

I. Hotels & Homes

  •  Target customers: Hotels, Motels, High-end Construction Projects
  • Features:
    • Superb cleaning effect: With a size of 0.2 μm, Micro Bubbles deep cleans skin pores to leave skin feeling soft and smooth.  (Human skin pores are 20μm~50μm.)
    • Large amount of anions: Micro Bubbles bursting on the surface of the water creates anions. As shown by SGS test reports, the system creates over 1,236,000/c.c. of anions, helping customers feel relaxed after bathing.

II. Agriculture

  • Target customers: (organic) farms, greenhouses
  • Features: 
    • Remove pesticides: Ozone-Micro Bubble system is used to spray ozonized water on vegetables to reduce pesticides before harvesting.  
    • Irrigation: Ozone can be dissolved in water to form carbonic acid to increase the CO2 level in the water.  This can be used to water plants to help increase yield.
    • Hydroponics System using Micro Bubble: Besides fertilizers, insect prevention, and killing bacteria, another issue is the oxygen level in the water; this especially problematic during summers. With the characteristics of great numbers and long contact time with water, Micro Bubbles are effective in increasing the oxygen concentration in water which helps increase agricultural output.
    • Disease and Insect Prevention for Plants: Mold prevention, keeping food fresh during transportation and after harvest.
  • Where we’re found: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Miaoli District Agricultural Research and Extension Station, Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, National Taiwan University, Green Valley Salad

III. Fishery

  • Target customers: Fishery (Sea Bass)
  • Features:
    • Bacteria-killing system: Sea Bass are a high-value fish and their survival affects the long-term profitability of a fish farm. Micro Bubbles, oxygen and ozone can used to control the ORP and oxygen levels in the water, providing a better environment for the growth of these fish.
    • Increase oxygen level in the water: During summers, the oxygen level in the water is usually rather low. Aeration systems are used to keep the oxygen at 6 ppm, but this will make large bubbles rise to the top and decrease the efficiency. With the features of (1) large quantities (2) increased surface area (3) longer contact time, Micro Bubbles can greatly improve the above problems. With additional O2 input, the oxygen level can be increased to 7 ppm in seawater.
  • Where we’re found: Sea Bass farm in Pingtung, Kaohsiung, Tainan, and Hong Kong

IV. Livestock Disease Prevention

  • Target customers: Farms, Slaughter houses
  • Features:
    • Fight against avian flus and virus
    • Environmental sanitation and cleaning
    • Remove odors

V. Food Rinsing

  • Target customers: restaurants, food processing, seafood processing, traditional Chinese medicinal herbs, deer antler
  • Features:
    • Vegetable Rinsing

(1) Reduce washing time

(2) Save 60% of water

(3) Cost savings through reduction of cold water use

(4) Reduce amount of water used

(5) Reduce the use of chemicals

    • Meat Processing

(1) Cost savings

(2) Keep food fresh, reduce wasted food

(3) Improve food safety

(4) Kill bacteria

(5) Won’t change food’s taste and texture

    • Seafood Rinsing

(1)   Keep food fresh

(2)   Kill bacteria, especially on shellfish.

    • Chinese Herbal Medicine

(1)   Removes pesticides and impurities.

(2)   Reduces use of chemical cleaners.

    •  Deer’s Antler

(1) Remove impurities and oil from pores.

  •  Where we’re found: CHA I SHAN FOODS., LTD, Mupi Machineray Co., Ltd., Deer’s antler factory in Tainan

VI. Industrial Equipment Cleaning

  • Target customers: Electronics companies, Industrial equipment
  • Features:
    • Uses Micro Bubble to remove oil in spare parts (including emulsifying, non-emulsifying, composing and non-composing oil).
    • Combining ozone with Micro Bubble to extend the half-life of ozone and provide a better cleaning effect.
  • Where we’re found: DALUX TECHNOLOGY

VII. Waste Water Processing

  • Target customers: Electronics companies, paper manufacturing
  • Features: Remove foulant, COD, TOC, SS in the water
  • Where we’re found: Industrial Technology Research Institute

VIII. Water Cleaning System

  • Target customers: Rural area without clean tap water
  • Features: Cashido develops a set of water filtration system powered by solar energy. The system can turn river water into purified drinking water, providing clean water for the residents.
  • Where we’re found: Gua Musang in Malaysia


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