I-Pot - Home Growth Lights

I-Pot - Home Growth Lights - . led grow light for plant

led grow light for plant

2 in 1 Growth Light / Reading Light

Due to global warming, farmers have started to grow plants indoors to avoid extreme weather, bugs and birds. Special lights (growth lights) are used to replace the sunlight. The I-Pot is your personal plant factory, allowing you to grow what you want, where want. With an I-Pot in your house, you can decrease CO2 emissions, purify the air and beautify your home or office.


Promote photosynthesis in plants. 5 brightness levels to adjust the intensity based on plants individual needs.
  • Control Box:
  • Display light intensity and time setting
  • Flash Memory:
  • Built-in green knowledge bank
  • Socket:
  • 5V Output
    Charge a cell phone
  • Save Electricity:
  • The reading light can replace 20 W light bulb, and last as long as 60,000 hours.
  • Eco-friendly:
  • Decrease CO2 emissions
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ModelI-Pot S1I-Pot C1I-Pot G1
I-Pot for Growth Light5 Brightness levels
Max brightness 50 lux @ 25cm
Power Consumption1.5W (Max)
Control Box 5V Output Current5V / 300mA
Dimensions102 (L) x 373 (H) x 48.8 (W) mm
Extension Branch Dimensions100 (L) x 48.8 (W) mm
Tripod Length60 mm
I-Pot for Reading Light5 Brightness levels
Max brightness 70 lux @ 25cm
8GB Flash MemoryGreen Knowledge BankN/A
Time Setting4, 6, 8, 12, 16 hours


  • Indoor.
  • Household, Office, Stores.


      • a. Flexible Stem:

I-Pot - LED Home Grow Lights Applications

      Adjust the I-Pot to your angle of choice.
    • b. Tripod:
    • Simply insert the tripod and the I-Pot into your favorite potted plant.
    • c. Extension Branch:
    • Extension branch extends I-Pot to a height of 35 cm. 

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