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18 Years of Ozone Series of Sterilization Products Supply | CASHIDO

Located in Taiwan, CASHIDO CORPORATION, since 1998, is an O3 pure ozone faucetwater system and cabozi micro bubble system supplier.

ISO and award-winning ozone antibacteria & micro bubble systems for home and industrial usage, CASHIDO's sterilization machines kill over 99% of bacteria, remove over 75% of pesticides, remove odors and keep food fresh. Cashido’s advanced ozone technology charges your tap water with ozone, a natural sanitizer, to clean food and surfaces. Enjoy cleaner and healthier food the natural way.

CASHIDO has been offering customers high-quality ozone series of sterilization products, both with advanced technology and 18 years of experience, CASHIDO ensures each customer's demands are met.

Solar Power

Green Energy. We Love Earth

Solar energy is one of the friendliest ways to create power. It requires no burning, creates no secondary pollutions and no noise. Solar power can be used as a form of shading and can reduce room temperature.

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