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18 Years of Ozone Series of Sterilization Products Supply | CASHIDO

Located in Taiwan, CASHIDO CORPORATION, since 1998, is an O3 pure ozone faucetwater system and cabozi micro bubble system supplier.

ISO and award-winning ozone antibacteria & micro bubble systems for home and industrial usage, CASHIDO's sterilization machines kill over 99% of bacteria, remove over 75% of pesticides, remove odors and keep food fresh. Cashido’s advanced ozone technology charges your tap water with ozone, a natural sanitizer, to clean food and surfaces. Enjoy cleaner and healthier food the natural way.

CASHIDO has been offering customers high-quality ozone series of sterilization products, both with advanced technology and 18 years of experience, CASHIDO ensures each customer's demands are met.


Mission & Vision


Constant pursuance in company growth and the application of hi-tech technologies to health related products. Creating a safe and healthy environment with easily acquired materials High-tech: Management in Hi-Tech Technical


Globalize our products, and become a professional leader in creating a safe & healthy environment.

Corporate Philosophy

  • Creativity: Ability to create innovative new products
  • Action: Ability to execute and reach the goal
  • Service: Satisfy customers with our services
  • Honesty: Honesty in team work

Product Feature

  • Convenience, DIY: Easy to install and use
  • Advanced: Realization of advanced technology
  • Safety: Compliance with safety regulations
  • Health: Health network

Design Feature

  • Characteristic: Characteristic functionalities separating different market divisions
  • Attraction: Attractive exterior design
  • Standard: Compliance with international Safety Standards
  • High-tech

CASHIDO Personnel's Speciality

  • Professional
  • Advancement
  • Sharing
  • Execution