Industrial Use Micro Bubble Systems

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Industrial Use Micro Bubble Systems

Case Studies

O3 Micro Bubbles – Agricultural washing, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

  • Moveable O3 Micro Bubble spray unit used to remove pesticides.
PesticideRemoval (%)
Ozonated waterOzone Nano-bubble water

CO2 Micro Bubbles – Agricultural Irrigation, Miaoli Agricultural Research Station

  • CO2 dissolved into water through Micro Bubbles which creates carbonic acid.
  • By measuring the pH we can observe the change in CO2 density.
  • pH curve for a 750L tank of water after 50 minutes of use.
Micro bubble application

Daily from 9:00 to 4:00 CO2 water was sprayed for 5 minutes.  Before spraying, the Micro Bubble system was first operated for 25 minutes to increase the CO2 density.Plants showed strong growth because of this.

Oxygen-infused Micro Bubbles in Agriculture – Lu Gu Salad Farm

  • Hydroponic systems provide nutrients and repel insects on plants.  Dissolved oxygen levels in water must also be closely monitored.
  • In high-temperature environments, especially in the summer, dissolved oxygen levels are known to decrease.
  • Due to the nature of Micro Bubbles (1) large quantities and (2) ability to stay in the water for extended periods of time, this system is able to increase the dissolved oxygen levels in water and provide a stable growth environment.

green vegetable

O2 and O3 Micro Bubbles – Sea bass farming in Pingdong, Taiwan

  • Sea bass are a high-value fish and their constant growth affects company profits.
  • Using Micro Bubbles and pure oxygen we were able to control the amount of oxygen in the water and it’s oxidization rate, creating a strong growth environment for the fish.

Industrial equipment washing and wastewater treatment

Use micro bubbles with ozone for cleaning on oil contamination (either emulsify or none emulsify & either synthetic or none synthetic oil) from the parts.

Industrial equipment washing

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