WELCOME TO 2015 Taiwan Int’l Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show

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CASHIDO WELCOME TO 2015 Taiwan Int’l Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show Introduction

CASHIDO CORPORATION is Taiwan supplier and manufacturer in O3 Pure Ozone Faucet Water System, Cabozi Micro Bubble System. CASHIDO has been offering our customers high quality 10 Second Machine, Mermaido Ozone Shower, 10 Second Purifier, Micro Bubble Bathtub System, Industrial Use Micro Bubble Systems, Cabozi Micro Bubble Food Washing System, Food Washing System, LED Home Grow Lights, Solar Power, Production Capability since 1998. With both advanced technology and 18 years experience, CASHIDO always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

WELCOME TO 2015 Taiwan Int’l Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show

2015/06/02 CASHIDO

Cashido Corporation is Asia's leading manufacturer of ozone and Micro Bubble solutions. This year, we are going to launch our brand new products-10 Second Machine Commercial, Cabozi Micro Bubble System, Cabozi Micro Bubble Vegetable Washing System…etc. We hereby invite you to take a look at our green solutions in Taiwan Int’l Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show.
Date: 24th-27th June, 2015
Venue:1st Exhibition Hall, Taipei World Trade Center
Booth No.:C0714

Exhibition Details

10 Second Machine Commercial

  • Rinse fruits and vegetables in only 10 seconds:
    1. Kill 99% of bacteria
    2. Remove 80% of pesticides
    3. Remove odors
    4. Keep food fresh
  • Continuous operation
  • Save Power, Save Water, Save Sanitizer, Save Time

CABOZI Micro Bubble Bathtub System

Micro bubbles will

  • Deep clean skin to remove toxins and leave skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Create anions on the surface of the bath water. Breathing in these anions will help release stress.

Micro Bubble Vegetable Washer Station

  • Kill 99% of bacteria and remove pesticides in ozonized water
  • Double the cleaning effects with micro bubbles
  • Increase over 50% of work efficiency

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