Notes on use-

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Notes on use-

Ensure the tub is 70% full of water. To prevent damage, do not run the pump without water.

Operation Mode
Single function mode:
1. Press the button once to start Micro Bubbles.
2. Press the button again to turn off Micro Bubbles.

Micro Bubble and Whirlpool mode:
1. Press the button once to start whirlpool.
2. Press the button again to start Micro Bubbles.
3. Press the button a third time to turn off the system.

Each function includes a thirty minute timer. To use the system for longer, simply press the button again.

Do not use additives such as salt or oils, to prevent damage to the system piping and internal parts.

Operation mode / Functional models:

Single function model:
* press1-to start micro bubble
* press2- to turn off the power

Cabozi& SPA massage dual functional integration models:
* press 1-to start SPA massage
* Press2-to start micro bubble
* press3-the power off

Each function uses the time limited is 30 minutes a cycle, if still used, please press the button again.
Please complete power-down shower.
Do not use any additives, such as hot pink, essential oils, etc., to prevent the system piping or internal precision parts raw sticky block!