How is ozone applied to our lives?

Ozone is a combination of 3 atoms. When one of the atoms is released, a chemical reaction in organic matters occurs that can:

(1) Kill Escherichia coli (e. coli) Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Enteropathogenic and Shigella dysenteriae which exist in air and water.

(2) Decompose and cleans toxic gas found in factories, car exhausts and cigarette smoke.

(3) Keep fish and meat fresh.

(4) Decompose residue of agrichemicals on fruits and vegetables.

(5) Decompose chloride found in tap water.

(6) Bathing with ozone enriched water can keep one's skin healthy and smooth.

(7) Deodorize kitchen and bathrooms.

(8) Clean polluted waste water.

(9) Break down radiation from TV and computer monitors.

Researches by American scientists have also found that cancer cell activities become slower after being in contact with ozone, justifying the wide application of ozone in our day to day life.


10 Second Purifier - Ozone Filtration System

10 Second Purifier - Ozone Filtration System

10 Second Machine can kill over 99% of bacteria, remove over 75% of pesticides, remove odors and keep food fresh. A water filter function is included, allowing customers to enjoy filtered drinking water as well as powerful washing water.

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Micro Bubble Bathtub System

Micro Bubble Bathtub System

The Cabozi Micro Bubble System creates billions of tiny bubbles, or Micro Bubbles, to turn clear water a milky white in thirty seconds. These Micro Bubbles can deep clean your skin pores and improve skin tone. It also creates a large amount of anions to ease the nerve system and relax your body.

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CASHIDO How is ozone applied to our lives? Introduction

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